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Prescription Painkillers Contribute to Rising Heroin Addiction

Prescription Painkillers Contribute to Rising Heroin Addiction

Tennessee’s Center for Disease Control and and Prevention composed an address stating that high numbers of prescription drugs are the leading cause of the states inflation in new heroin addictions and overdoses, according to The Tennessean.

Tennessee news broadcasts have reported incidences like heroin needles being left at close quarters to a baby’s crib and bags of the substance found crammed into a flashlight. The worst of it is that the pounds of the opiate that are sneaked across the border contain a more potent painkiller called fentanyl. The report says that over 60% of heroin users addiction began with prescription drugs. Data from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says throughout the state law enforcement has retrieved almost 700% more heroin than it has in seven years.

In Davidson County where heroin is is a growing epidemic, there are surprisingly many people interested in receiving treatment. Examining the years from 2012 to 2014 the number of residents attempting to get help for untreated substance use disorders has increased by three fold. Drug related deaths are up by 6% since 2012.

The report also states that people who are uninsured and on medicaid are more inclined to become addicted to heroin because it is cheaper than constantly filling exorbitant prescriptions. Other highly susceptible groups are people between the ages of 18 to 25, caucasians, and people whose household income exceeds $20,000

Tennessee’s efforts to alleviate the statewide heroin epidemic are working slowly but surely. More people are seeking treatment and even more people have stopped requesting pain medication. If you know anyone suffering from an opioid addiction please contact Drug Rehab Nashville or call their 24/7 help hotline (615)348-5866.

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