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Myths About Addiction

Myths About Addiction

There are many myths circulating about addiction , many of these myths are causing addicts to lose hope and employers to turn their noses up at former addicts. Despite what you may believe, addiction is a diseases that can be treated and overcome with the correct treatment. there is a truth in the fact that addiction is very challenging to overcome, however it is possible especially if you have a supportive foundation. If myths about addiction weren’t continuously resonating, more people would seek help.

One myth people believe is that addicts are bad people and they all deserve to be punished for their addiction. However, all addicts are not “bad people” they are just individuals that made a poor choice to start using drugs. Granted some addicts do exhibit destructive and illegal behaviors which affects those around them, however addiction causes people to lose control of themselves. The changes that occur in the brain overtime with continued drug use causes people to do things they normally wouldn’t had it not been for addiction. In many cases addicts can’t even see that their behaviors are unacceptable because they’re so controlled by their addiction. Addiction has no face, whether you’re young or old, poor or wealthy, you have the susceptibility to be an addict. Individuals with an addiction should not be looked down on or punished, they need support and treatment. So before you begin to judge someone with an addiction, think of ways you could help and encourage them to get treatment for their addiction.

Another common myth about addiction is that individuals with an addiction choose to be addicted. Addiction is a disease, and just like people don’t choose to get cancer, they also don’t chose to suffer from addiction. Addiction is influenced by genetics and genetic environments. Those with a genetic disposition for addiction and those in environments which promote substance use are more susceptible to developing an addiction. Once an individual makes the decision to engage in using an addictive substance, depending on their genetics and environmental factors they may develop an addiction. If an individual continues to use an addictive substance, overtime their brain structure and functioning will be altered. Once the brain suffers damage in it’s structure and functioning, it alters an individual’s ability to control their impulses to use drugs. With that being said, another myth people believe is that individuals usually only become addicted to one substance. This myth is also false. With access to various drugs in today’s society, many individuals use multiple addictive substances. The combination of multiple drugs gives addicts a more intense and heightened high, or counteracts the effects of another drug. In some cases, individuals end up becoming addicted to multiple drugs because they supplement their addiction with another drug when another isn’t available. Individuals addicted to multiple substances are more complex to treat, nonetheless they can still successfully overcome addiction with the correct treatment.

People also believe the myth that there’s a difference in addiction between those addicted to prescription drugs and those addicted to illegal drugs. Although individuals can become addicted to one or the other, addiction is still the same disease no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and/or alcohol, all addictive substances can cause damage to the brain and be fatal if abused. And all addictive substances pose risk for addiction. Lastly, people believe the myth that treatment should “put addicts in their place”. This is a very common misconception. Treatment is most effective when individuals are comfortable and feel motivated to overcome addiction, not when they feel as if they’re being hospitalized or punished. Trying to shame recovering addicts can only lead to relapse. Research has shown that recovering addicts have higher success rates when they’re apart of a luxurious and comfortable rehab setting. These types of programs improve treatment and increases long term recovery rates.

The stigma of the myths associated with addiction deter many individuals from seeking treatment. These myths have the capability to be damaging to our entire society. More people need to understand that addiction is a disease and individuals should be provided with the opportunity to learn the truths about addiction. If more people were educated on the truth about addiction, more people could help with recovering from their addiction. Drug Rehab Nashville can educate you on the truths about addiction, as well as provide individuals with an effective treatment to overcome even the most complex addictions. Call our 24/7 hotline now at (615) 348-5866 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about being treated at our drug rehab program in Nashville, TN.

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