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The Dangers of Suboxone: Looking Inside Suboxone Clinics

The Dangers of Suboxone: Looking Inside Suboxone Clinics

Suboxone is a drug used to discourage opioid reliance. Suboxone use is supposed to promote hope for a better life after addiction treatment, says News Channel 11.

The supposed beneficial drug has been heavily abused lately, that’s why Suboxone is being called the double edged drug. It has become one of the most popularly dissipated drug that is professionally prescribed Carter County, according to Sergeant Harmon Duncan. Two patients from the Suboxone clinic were interviewed, the first was a man named Sam Campbell who previously constructed drywall as his profession. While at work he was injured and as a result he was prescribed painkillers in which he became addicted. He found himself selling all of his belongings so support his habit. The second is a woman named Amy  who was prescribed pain relievers after she gave birth to her son.

Now Campbell is four years clean and Amy is five months sober. Both are trying to regain their lives with recovery. Amy regrets taking the first painkiller, she said every time she used them she would crave everything in her vicinity. She claims to have withdrawn from Suboxone multiple times and the effects were severe. Suboxone is the trademark name for mixture of buprenorphine, an opiate, and naloxone, an opiate antidote.  The naloxone is added to prevent users from taking Suboxone tablets or films and self injecting them, says an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at East Tennessee State University’s Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, Sara Melton. Melton also says that Naloxone causes the withdrawal symptoms.


“That is primary drug abuse. It is injected, and it’s very commonly injected up in Appalachia, up in the hill country in Eastern Kentucky and Southwest Virginia. I think Subutex is as bad a problem in those areas, as would be morphine or hydrocodone or oxycodone, because it’s an injectable drug,” say Dr. Tom Reach, from the Watauga Recovery Center, as reported by News Channel 11.


Subutex is the more potent version of Suboxone, containing pure buprenorphine. Melton finds that Subutex is more unlikely to be abused than the pure version. Suboxone’s less likelihood to be exploited than Subutex is against the doctoral proof according to police. Sgt. Duncan says that the drug is as easily attained as candy. He says that any doctor will prescribe the drug making it easily abusable. But if the doctor won’t prescribe the drug, it can be found on the street for only $20 per pill. Sgt. Duncan says that when he performs methamphetamine raids, often times he’ll also find Suboxone. Amy divulged that she craved the drug more than any other drug she had done before.


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