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Texting and Driving Turns Into a Drug Bust in Memphis

Texting and Driving Turns Into a Drug Bust in Memphis

On Germantown Parkway in Memphis, Tennessee police pulled a man over for texting and driving but somehow, he escaped custody. When the man escaped he gave police an avid advantage to search his car. They found drugs in his car which sparked an investigation that brought them to a quiet neighborhood called Aspen Meadows Cove. The police suspected the man, they now gave a name, Adrian Bean, was selling drugs from his car.

News Channel 3 WREG attained a police document stating that they identified the SUV and a woman driving it. The woman driving the car ran a stop sign leading them back to the same SUV Bean had gotten away from. Cops pulled her over for questioning and lo’ and behold, they found Bean inside with her and a smorgasbord of drugs. What a coincidence for officials to find the perpetrator with evidence on him in the car he had been pulled over in initially; police arrested him that day.

The woman driving the car agreed to let police search her home. Inside her house they came across cannabis on a table in the kitchen in multitude jars. They also found cocaine, Xanax and counterfeit drugs. Apparently the woman was unaware of all of the drugs Bean had accumulated inside her house, or maybe she wanted him to get caught. Brilliant leaving the illicit substances on the table in full view of law enforcement Bean. You’re really living up to your namesake, mister.

“It has caught me off guard I would not have expected it, we usually walk the dogs in this area over here,” says one neighbor, as quoted by News Channel 3 WREG.

The woman driving the car was not charged by the police document, Bean claimed the drugs to be in his possession. The woman insisted that Bean did not live with her. She disclosed that they met at a pool and he lied to her about his identity. Neighbors said that Bean had been to her house frequently.

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  1. An very interesting piece from which so many lessons can be learned.

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