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Hepatitis C Cases Triple In Less Than a Decade

Hepatitis C Cases Triple In Less Than a Decade

In Nashville, the Tennessee Department of Health announced a national public health announcement after Hepatitis C diagnoses more than doubled since 2008, according to ABC News 2.

The Department of Health strongly encourages citizens to become aware of the dangerous disease that can be contracted by immediate bodily contact with blood from an infected person. Commissioner John Dreyzehner commented, the outbreak may be just the beginning of the epidemic.

“In addition to reported cases of acute Hepatitis C, it is estimated that more than 100,000 Tennesseans may be living with chronic Hepatitis C and not know it. Many people have Hepatitis C for years, not realizing it, while the viral infection slowly destroys their livers,” says Dreyzehner, as reported by ABC News 2.

There is currently no vaccine prevention for Hepatitis C, though some people can successfully recover from the disease. Although up to 80 percent of the people who are infected will acquire an enduring infection. Even if an infected person receives treatment, they can become infected again. Some early indications are abdominal distress, exhaustion, itching and dark urine.

Officials say the contraction of Hepatitis C stems from drug users sharing contaminated needles. Clayton Barnes became infected when he used a syringe that was not sanitized. He received treatment and has not shown any Hepatitis related symptoms for half a year. Barnes has been sober for more than two months and wants to help addicts and people who suffer the consequences from unsafe drug use.

Hepatitis C is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver and causes inflammation. When infected the symptoms affects the skin by showing swollen blood vessels or yellowing of the skin or eyes, resembling jaundice. Fever, loss of appetite, malaise, and nausea appear in the body. Bleeding, bloating or fluid in the abdomen show in the gastrointestinal. Also, depression or weight loss is common with Hepatitis C.

The use of prescription drugs and injectable drugs are very dangerous and leave more detrimental results other than overdose.

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